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we make plastics that help you

stay hydrated

drink freely from our high quality sports range of 100% non toxic BPA free plastic bottles

we make plastics that essentially

fit your routine

Tritan and Polypropylene products to meet your daily needs

we make plastics that help you

live BPA-free

our water bottles made with Tritan tmfrom Eastman are not only BPA-free, they don't contain bisphenol S or any other bisphenol compounds. They also come in your favorite colors and cool designs.

our product line promises the best of

PP & Tritan TM

if you are concerned about leeching, contamination and heat withstanding capabilities of your daily use products, look beyond PET and try Bottellica’s range of polypropylene and TritanTM by Eastman products that are not only environment friendly but also safe enough to trust with your family.

we make plastics that help you

look & feel good

wide mouth containers for cosmetics & grooming products

we make plastics that help you

make the switch

with our superior technology and focus on boundless innovations we help you switch from conventional plastic products to high quality daily lifestyle products.

and yes we do

anything & everything in plastic

get in touch with us for your large scale plastic manufacturing requirements. We would love to work with you.